Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rabbits and Modern History

One of our readings for today being about rabbits, I thought I'd tell you about this narrative-esque documentary film I saw a year ago.

It's called "Rabbit a la Berlin," and relates the story of rabbits who inhabited the space between the two Berlin walls (the Berlin Wall actually consisted of two walls with a space in between), unable to get out and protected from natural predators until 1989. In the film, the story of the Berlin Wall is told from the perspective of these rabbits and is more effective than most documentaries I've seen on this topic. Which, all in all, reminds me of a goal of this course: to understand the Late Middle Ages, and medieval society, through the study of animals.


  1. I liked the trailer! But what about the rabbits? How does the documentary make them historically important?

  2. Can you watch this on Netflix??? I might actually use this for my paper. Thanks!